The Process : Handmade Wooden Board Games

These wooden board games are handcrafted in the backwoods of Colorado. Great attention has been paid to the Ancient Future styling; a timeless aesthetic from the bygone age of elven magik. The gallery below documents the process from CAD conception, to harvesting the lumber, milling and painting. This work is perhaps riding the coat tails of a Makers Movement, driven by newfound digital fabrication methods. Without history we are however: blind. The Way in which this technology was applied is very unique in our current era. The designs are ripe with esoteric numbers and secret alignments, carved with perfect accuracy, elevating an otherwise standard board game to the realm of art. See for yourself.

Handmade Wooden Settlers of Catan Board

Settlers of Catan HandMade Artisinal Board
Settlers of Catan Hand Made Artisanal Board
CNC Handcrafted Board Game Settlers of Catan Case
Here’s a handmade CNC Settlers of Catan Board Game Case

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Settlers of Catan Official Site

Mayfair Games Info

My Art Site

My Commercial Fabrication Site

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