Settlers of Catan Game Box


These are hand made Settlers of Catan board game boxes for the Master’s Edition Board featured on this site.



This box was designed in the Ancient-Future styling. This aesthetic is some where between alien technology and ancient temple. The box ergonomically nests all the game pieces for the Settlers of Catan Masters Edition Board. The hexagons are displayed prominently to allow easy access and randomization during the board-building process. Catan uses 19 hexagons, which doesn’t stack very nicely. 3 stacks of 6 creates 18. The 19th hex tile is embedded in the face of the box and is interchangeable. Special attention was paid in selecting high end beautiful hardware for the latch and hinge components. The concealed hinges mirror the hexagonal shapes that occur through-out. There is also a stainless steel marine latch that’s been artfully distressed/aged.

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Black, Dark Wood, Light Wood, White


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