Settlers of Catan Largest Army & Longest Road Tokens


These handmade Settlers of Catan Tokens make a great gift idea.  Give them to friends, family, and loved ones.  Great for Birthday, Graduation, or Wedding presents.  You don’t necessarily need to throw down on the full Kabinet Materia Master’s Edition Board.  These pieces contain original Kabinet Materia art work, handcrafted in the USA.  Each piece is cast from a durable fiberglass reinforced resin that has a marble like texture.


Heavenly Wheel Chariot Apollo Mythology Settlers Catan Board Games
Mosaic in the Beth Alpha synagogue, with the Sun represented in the centre, surrounded by the twelve zodiac constellations.


We all know that possessing these tokens represents a crucial turn of power within the game! There’s nothing better than a well-weighted symbolic object detailed with pictograms of victory, to take from the gnarled hands of your adversary. In other words, holding these pretty things makes you feel good.

These pieces are great additions to any board, inside or outside of the Kabinet Materia world. These make great budget birthday gifts for the true fans in your life. Great stocking stuffers. Buy the board for Christmas, buy the tokens for the Birthday. What ever works!

These images were custom designed to evoke a timeless feeling.  Strange little esoteric elements were added.  For example the Wheel in the Longest Road token has long been a central symbol for many cultures through out the world.  Apollo’s Chariot.  The Heavenly Wheel of Frank Hurricane.  This particular wheel has 9 spokes, a fascinating number that appears throughout Norse and Indian mythology.  I will not provide finite answers here, but rather play with these systems of meaning and allow the user to project their own conclusions.




Mythology Sun Symbol Chariot Apollo Heavenly WheelHeavenly Wheel Catan Gift Idea Board Game Stewart Losee Art Mythology


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