Catan Inspired Game Pieces


These are custom hand made Settlers of Catan game pieces.  There are 12 colors to choose from.  Each set contains 5 Settlements, 4 Cities, and 15 Roads.  Each set comes with it’s own custom color printed linen bag.  These are designed to interface with the Masters Edition Board.



You might be one of those people that derives great satisfaction from things that fit perfectly inside other things.  You might notice the ASMR click of the lid as it snaps into place.  These pieces tickle that innate sensory satisfaction as they slide perfectly into the engineered groves and notches of the board.

You might also be the type that enjoys the meta-game of selecting paint colors at Home Depot with your spouse or loved ones.  It’s not about the colors, but about the meaning and the discourse: “Victorian Creme or Cerulean Blue, honey?”  The extravagant value imparted with ever Chakra color.  The special powers of each Power Ranger.  There’s a lot going on with colors, and I hope you have fun selecting your divine combo.

These pieces are hand crafted using a casting process.  The substrate is plaster-polymer, then enameled for durability.  Like all the pieces they might chip and age, but this only adds to the Middle Earth feel.  It’s better if the board looks 500 years old, trust me.  We also invite our customers to mod pieces.  Imagine little Timmy taking a gold paint marker and customizing patterns around a black castle.  That would be very cool, and he would feel like a king.  These boards are living objects.

Word to the wise, consider potentially dim lighting conditions and pick a combo that is easily discernible.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 6 in

Black, Blue, Brown, Day Glow Orange, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Sea Foam Blue, White, Yellow


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