Settlers of Catan Painting Kit


This is a complete craft kit for family fun right out of the box.  We’ve included a set of brushes, a beautiful paint palate , and sand paper to work the corners to perfection.  Every game piece is unpainted so you can apply your own multi-colored schemes.  Go all out and bejewel these things if you’d like.  Bust out the glitter!  This is a great activity for a summer vacation at the cabin by the lake.  This is a great activity for winter break.  Painting these pieces with your friends and family is way better than completing a jigsaw puzzle.  Create a long lasting treasure you can enjoy for years!


A Fun Family Craft Set for the Holidays

fun family activity summer vacation cabin craft project kids teenagersPurchase this family craft activity set for the Holidays.  This kit is great for your summer vacation at the Cabin.  The unpainted board gives you the freedom to paint anything you want! Create the most insane color scheme! Hand paint every wave of the Catan ocean, replete with fishes. The unpainted board is a great family-fun activity for the holidays. Imagine sipping coffee on a snowy winter’s morning while painting this board with family and loved ones.  With tiny brushes and some TLC you can create memories and beautiful objects that will last many generations. It doesn’t get any better.

This kit is ready to go right out of the box. We’ve included a painting kit with brushes and sandpaper. Each unpainted board leaves shop with a light sanding that can be worked further to your preference. The images are carved into the wood to create “paint-pockets” that resemble a paint-by-numbers. Any sloppy over-painting can be sanded off to remove the need for dexterity. Kids can handle this with some adult guidance. Watch the instructional video for further information (coming soon).


Expand Your Regular Board to Accomidate 5-6 Players by Purchasing this Extension

Holiday Family Craft Project Activity Kit Set Board Game Settlers Catan
Settlers of Catan Family Craft Activity 5-6 Player Extension Board

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