Catan Inspired Extension Chits


These handmade Catan tokens make the perfect gift for the boardgame lover in your life.


These are handmade high quality Settlers of Catan inspired Extension Chits.  The designs are all original Kabinet Materia artwork.  The Font is even a custom design that I developed to match the hexagonal module the resonates through the aesthetics of the game.  The designs were precision milled then cast in a durable 2 part resin.  The resin material is quite fancy, and has a marble-like texture.  I’ve painted them, which obscures the texture, but you can still purchase the unpainted version and get creative with it.  The resin is infused with fiber glass to increase tensile strength and resist cracking when dropped.  I would still suggest being careful with them, and not throwing them at a concrete wall.  My goal is to create a multi-generational heirloom object that can withstand wear and tear over the years.  The backsides have are textured and painted gold to have an old coin feel to them.



Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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