Catan Inspired Extension Set Box


This is a high quality custom Settlers of Catan wooden board game case.


This is a handmade wooden Catan Extension Box.  It fits 11 tiles, 2 sets of Player Pieces, and 1 Set of Extension Chits.  The box in incredibly durable and heavy.  You could probably throw it off a cliff.  It’s made from 3/4″ Chilean plywood, with a notch joint assembly for extra strength.  I like this ply because it has no veneer.  The surface is solid wood, instead of a thin sheet.  This makes it more chip resistant.  Veneered plywoods tend to peel away, leaving an ugly core underneath.  This won’t peel.  Pine is soft however, so it will age and accrue dents and scratches.  I prefer this look.  Take it camping.  Beat it up.  The added texture will only make it look more ancient.  The hardware on this box is very high quality.  I went with a marine grade stainless steel latch, that’s been “artfully distressed” as they say.  I sanded the latch to give it more of an ancient metallurgy feeling, rather than a recently manufactured feeling.  The case also has stainless steel concealed hinges which complete the ongoing “ancient future” motif; contrasting ancient looking stuff with things that look very geometric and tech.

Final Notes: The current run is finished in linseed oil.  I might do white and black later.  Also, I’ve left this type plywood in the rain during outdoor applications.  I’ve found it to be the most water resistant ply, without going full marine grade.  The Extension Box is the same width as the Regular Box, so they stack nicely and look good on a shelf together.

Additional information

Weight 320 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 8 in


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